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A05 | Montacute | 1955

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Print Number: 
Title of print: 
Lithograph, plate
Size of image: 
14 x 10in (355 x 255mm)
Number of colours: 
2 colours, black, orange
Printed by: 
Unknown printer in Bristol
Blue craft paper
Paper size: 
15 x 11in (381 x 279mm)
Edition size: 
Uneditioned, 4 proofs with colour variations in the orange
Signed lr, Brian Rice '55
Comments or notes: 

Poster for 'A' level exam print. As a student at Yeovil School of Art, Brian Rice had problems printing lithographs due to the incompetence of the lithography teacher. Plates and stones would scum up after two or three prints.  As a consequence, the Head, Ken Parratt, would pay to have important exam work printed by professional printers. A student would be sent to Bristol to deliver the plates and later to collect the prints. Brian Rice received a Distinction for this print.

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