brian rice

A18a | Mickey Mouse and Sunrise (Christmas card) | 1972

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Print Number: 
Title of print: 
Mickey Mouse and Sunrise (Christmas card)
Size of image: 
7 x 5½in (178 x 140mm)
Number of colours: 
1 colour, navy blue
Printed by: 
The artist at Brighton Polytechnic
Thin card
Paper size: 
7¾ x 6½in (200 x 165mm)
Edition size: 
Unknown number
Comments or notes: 

Additions, hand colouring, red, orange, yellow.

Brian Rice was an enthusiastic collector of Mickey Mouse ephemera in the 1970s.This image came originally from a 1930s metal trivett which Brian Rice bought in a street market. A relief print was taken from it onto film and put onto a screen. Prints were made on card and some onto flocked paper as coasters. The image was also reduced and applied to steel and copper plate by a photo-etching process. The plate was cut into circular discs which were then painted in Humbrol enamels by Rice's then girlfriend Lesley Martin, and sold or given away.

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