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Official catalogue raisonné of prints by Brian Rice

Brian Rice, 2011 (Photo: Jacy Wall)
Brian Rice, 2011. (Photo by: Jacy Wall)

The online Catalogue Raisonné represents a database of the complete prints of Brian Rice from 1953 to 2010. As such, it is a work in progress and future prints will be added as they are produced.

The catalogue has been organised by date of making and each entry contains a given order which describes the prints in detail. This has been compiled from Brian Rice's own archive in Somerset, from museums, private collections and the internet.

A catalogue raisonné in book form was published in 2013, called Brian Rice: Catalogue Raisonné of Prints 1953-2013. See Publications for details.

How to use this site

To start viewing thumbnails of Brian Rice's prints just click the Catalogue Raisonné button. Click on a thumbnail to read the full catalogue entry for the selected image.

For advanced Search, you can search the database by Keyword or Tags.

Use the Catalogue Raisonné Index Tabs for convenient listings of work by Title, Subject, Medium, Publisher, etc. A full Exhibition and Collections list is also provided.

To read more about Series, Printers and Publishers, etc. of Brian Rice's prints, use the Guides. There is also a full Glossary for explanations of terms used here. If you want to know more about the structure of this site then view the Guide to Print Entries.

Works have been sorted into three major categories for convenience – Prints, Hybrids and Ancillaries.

Prints (P001-P197) list original prints by Brian Rice. Hybrids (H01-73) describes works unique to Rice's oeuvre that sit in between painting and printmaking. A 'hybrid' is a piece of work which has begun life as a print but which is then taken out of the printing milieu and worked on by hand. Ancillaries (A01-37) describes an original design which has been produced by a printing process and cannot for various reasons be classified as an original print, including a few early textile samples.

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